• Graces with incredibly enterprising skills and heaps of positivity, love to work and bring change in global society.
    Dixit Prajapati
    Technical Head - Oversees
  • Self-motivated, responsible, flexible, confident, fun loving with good sense of humour. Can take on multiple tasks simultaneously in supporting the day-to-day activities.
    Hitesh Jariwala
    Team Leader
  • Out of the box thinker, Enthusiastic, hardworking, fun loving, love music and coding and enjoy the same at the fullest
    Rohit Chodvadia
    Sr.Software Executive
  • Calm by nature, passionate about my work, always available when in need makes me fit for the profession I am in
    Dharmishtha Vekariya
    Software Executive
  • Learning new technologies is what I am passionate about and that makes me proficient and enthusiastic web developer.
    Vaibhav Shah
    Sr. Software Executive
  • Dedicated to my work and enthusiastic about it. Coding is my passion and I pursue it at the fullest.
    Ravi Prajapati
    Sr.Software Executive
  • A sincere employee with positive attitude towards work and life.
    Satish Mendapara
  • I enjoy and love listen music ,playing online games, Learn new technologies, belive in positive attitude always, and achieveing some thing new in my life, work hard to achieveing goal
    Bhavin Mistry
    Software Developer
  • My motto in life is If you want something, work hard & you will achieve it for sure.
    Jignesh D.Rupawala
    Technical Head-Domestic
  • I am a person who believe in supporting other when they need. Making other happy and sharing happiness with others is the key of my happiness.
    Saiyed Sharib
    Hr Executive
  • Dedicated to my work and enthusiastic about it. fun loving
    Sandeep Marathe
    Sr. Software Tester
  • Heaps of positivity and confidence regarding developement. Ambitious, highly focused and determined person.
    Tejal Patel
    Software Developer
  • Believer of whatever your give gets back to you. Volleyball & cricket lover. Helpful, team player, accurate and quick learner.
    Mayur Patel
    Software Tester
  • A straight forward person who is ready to learn new things and ready to accept challenges.
    Haresh Kathiriya
    Software Developer
  • Calm , believe in self and dedicated person. Motto is flow freely and go for the goal.
    Ketan Sonpal
    Software Developer
  • Responsible person, I work according to my own time set, love surfing, plays online games, carom and coding.
    Mustansir Haji
    Software Developer
  • Honest and Dedicated person ,Very Calm By Nature. and I Love Travelling.
    Jaimin Sethiya
    Software Developer
  • Fun loving and learning new things defines me well.
    Jenish Patel
    iOS Developer
  • I wish to achieve a lot and yes of course i have that potential too.
    Ankita Bathwar
    Software Developer
  • Fun loving, ready to help others, self motivated, and smart working developer with a passion for creating useful, and reliable Web applications.
    Jignesh Kalasaria
    Sr.Software Developer
  • Highly appreciate everything I have in life, love swimming, joyful nature, love to watch wildlife documentaries, happy go lucky person who work with full dedication.
    Dharmesh Kalasariya
    Software Tester
  • Calm mind makes me a strong person. I code for my satisfaction and learning new technologies is my passion.
    Komal Patel
    Software Developer
  • Fun loving, graceful, enjoy playing football, I am a responsible person and a go getter
    Payal Patel
    Software Developer
  • Hard-working, confident, fun loving. I enjoy the work I do and can be considered as a reliable employee.
    Champak Chaudhary
    Software Developer
  • Enjoy my professional life, love to code till the last moment. Always ready to learn new technologies. I love long drive and play outdoor games.
    Shubham Prajapati
    Software Developer
  • Quick learner with never give up attitude and strong abilities to meet new challenges as well as exploring new opportunities.
    Leena Patel
    Sr.Software Developer
  • Believe in keep trying & just do what you love. I enjoy travelling and reading.
    Bhautik Patel
    Software Developer
  • Goal oriented, believe in hard work, Novels are my best friend, love to listen music. I work with dedication and try my level best to meet new challenges.
    Pinal Lad
    Software Developer
  • Tell me and i forget. Teach me and i remember. Involve me and i learn the best way to predict the future is to implement it. I belive in simplicity.
    Rakesh Kaklotar
    Software Developer
  • I am modest,but hardworking & i consistently set firm goals for myself.
    Pritesh Patil
    Software Tester
  • Silent, Kind, Hard working, Enthusiastic person. Always ready for every kind of new things. Strongly believe in KARMA.
    Nilay Mistry
    Software Developer
  • I have a passion for my work, and that sometimes triggers creative conflicts.
    Rinkesh Gajjar
    Software Developer
  • A learner who is out on for a jouney to built a succesful career and in seek of ultimate knowledge in the field of Hardware and Networking.
    Chinmay Trivedi
    Hardware and Networking Engineer
  • Stay true to yourself, yet always be open to learn. Work hard, and never give up on your dreams, even when nobody else believes they can come true but you. These are not cliches but real tools you need no matter what you do in life to stay focused on your path.
    Poonam Prajapati
    Software Developer
  • The key to building a great product is building a great team first. To me, great teams aren’t bound by roles, but they’re driven by moving forward.
    Shivkumar Dokka
    Lead Software Tester
  • Every morning when i wake up, i prepare my self to hit back failuer and eventually i succed most of the time !.
    Hardik Mahida
    Software Developer
  • Calm, Believe in honesty, emphasis on work ethics, openess for learning new things, chess lover. I strongly believe in giving best output at work in order to get satisfaction from my work.
    Nishtha Solanki
    Software Developer
  • Hardworking, honest, good timekeeper, always willing to learn new skills, helpfulI, able to work independently in busy environments and also within a team setting.
    Rumit Bodiwala
    Software Developer
  • I Am Positive In Negative Situation. It's Not Naive. It's Leadership.
    Fenil Mehta
    Software Developer
  • Focus is saying no to 100 good ideas.
    Ekta Mistry
    Software Developer
  • I suggest to develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
    Pravin Patil
    Sr. Software Tester
  • A Strong,Self-motivated and Positive thinker who have curiosity about learn new things.
    Lalit Chhipa
    Software Developer
  • i am simple girl with a some big of dreams to conquer, polite, positive and optmistic in nature. Can take Initiative and do multitasking.
    Roshni Bokade
    Software Developer
  • I try to learn new things everyday. As i belive gaining knowledge is step forward in direction to lead a sucessful life.
    Dhaval Desai
    Sr. Software Developer
  • A man with a goal to become a successful person in personal as well as professional life. My dream is to become the ultimate software tester to whom everyone in the world seeking for.
    Ravikumar Maradiya
    Software Tester
  • self obsessed, always ready for new challenges and a party lover.
    Hiral Patel
    Software Developer
  • I love Cricket & music. Coding is my passion. I like to visit hill stations often.
    Milan Gami
    Software Designer
  • I use my time in proper way before it uses me. As I know the value how to value it.
    Rajan Jagwani
    Software Tester
  • Amazing Person with Astonishing ways to think and see the World in a technical way to make the life easy and simple.
    Kenil Modi
    Software Developer
  • Graceful, a good learner and believing in hard work. A soul with great mindset. Believe in self and staying honest.
    Ami Gohel
    iOS Developer
  • I am honest, hardworking person. My aim is to develop myself in such a way that I can takedown any challenges in my life.
    Nayana Gulhane
    Software Tester
  • i am responsible person, finishing task in any situation is my habbit.
    Deepikaben Parmar