Who We Are And What We Do

We are an international software development company specializing in custom product development for a variety of industries, including EMS, Healthcare, Home Automation and Security, Multi-Level Marketing, Jewelry, Diamonds, and Finance.

We concentrate on cutting-edge digital technology to develop robust, scalable, secure, and easy-to-use products, thanks to our extensive technology and industry experience.

We believe that careful use of technology combined with a good design can reduce software uncertainty, connect people, and provide valuable insights that help you succeed.

Our Moral Compass and Values that Guide Us

Triveni is made up of people who are passionate about what they do. We are the doers and the dreamers, and all we do is based on a collection of values:

Client-Centered Service

Focusing on your benefit only, we ensure that no two projects are alike and that our client's goals and ambitions are fulfilled.

Innovation to the core

As a leading software development service provides, all our products are delivered with a personalized approach in mind.

Taking responsibility

At Triveni, we accept the responsibility for the accuracy of the developed products. We aim to be transparent, ethical work with integrity.

Team of Experts

We recruit the best talent in the industry and have enough growth opportunities, fostering an environment that encourages new ideas.

Focus on Clients

Our business strategy is straightforward: we grow if you grow. Thus, we will always provide you with the most top-notch service that boosts your business.

Our team's well-being is important to us.

We respect our employees, support their growth, and recognize their accomplishments.

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility seriously

We take important steps to help the less fortunate and promote a tradition of giving back to society.

Visit us in The Diamond City- Surat.

While having a global presence, our heart is where our home is- Surat, India. Surat is a city in Gujarat, India, in the western region of the country.
It is India’s most dynamic city, with one of the greatest development rates, thanks to migration from all across the country, superb infrastructure and various engineering plants, such as Essar, Larsen and Toubro, and more.
Surat is one of India’s cleanest cities, and it is also known as “The Silk City,” “The Diamond City,” “The Green City,” and Other labels.
Surat is recognized as the Diamond City of India because of its diamond cutting and polishing industry. We hope to host you soon at our home.

Meet Our Leaders

The People Who Make Us, Guide Us, Mentor Us

Rajnikant Rana

Founder / CEO
Focused. Passionate. Ambitious. Visionary. Avid reader. Ever Evolving. Caring.

Shailesh Sakaria

Silent. Reader. Dynamic. Persistent. Problem Solver. Mentor. Triveni’s Search Engine – Google.

Jatin Tamakuwala

System Analyst | Project Lead
Workaholic. Resolute. Adventurous. Decisive. Night Lover.

Dixit Prajapati

System Analyst | Project Lead
Busy Bee. Perfectionist. Strong. Analytic. Determined.

Hitesh Jariwala

Product Lead | DevOps
Passionate. Earnest. Forerunner. Goal Oriented. Courageous.

Rohit Chodvadiya

Product Lead | System Design
Enthusiastic. Dynamic. Perfectionist. Persistent. Problem Solver. Sharp. Silent.

Dharmistha Vekariya

Technical Lead
Fearless. Problem Solver. Compelling. Organised. Consistent.

Dhaval Desai

Technical Lead
Eloquent. Enthusiastic. Robust. Generous. Idealist. Calm.

Vaibhav Shah

Technical Lead
Diligent. Cool. Optimistic. Honest. Go-getter. Rock.

Rakesh Patel

Head – Operations
Optimistic. Sharp. Organised. Think-Tank. Decisive.

Jignesh Rupawala

Team Lead
Silent. Workaholic. Determined. Triveni’s ATM.

Sandeep Marathe

QA – Lead
Silent. Calm. Deep Diver. Problem Solver. Focused.

Meet our Core Team

The People Who fuel us with energy, guidance and motivation.

Meet Our Advisors & Strategic Thought Partners

Triveni is fortunate to have the support, expertise, and strategic leadership of our Advisory Panel, which comprises industry leaders, technology experts, and international development professionals.

Doug Verner

Mentor & US Strategic Partner

Alok Jhaveri

Chief Mentor - Technology

Atul Patel

A Technical Ninja and ace Solution Architect

Dhinakaran Iyer

Mentor and strategic marketing explorer

Shaman Jhaveri

A Financial Expert taking the finest care of business’s financial and legal aspects

Doug Verner

Mentor & US Strategic Partner

Alok Jhaveri

Chief Mentor - Technology

Atul Patel

A Technical Ninja and ace Solution Architect

Dhinakaran Iyer

Mentor and strategic marketing explorer

Shaman Jhaveri

Financial And Legal Expert

Interested in learning about career opportunities at Triveni?