Contract Manufacturers and EMS Industry

Your partner for full service contract manufacturing and ems solutions
Triveni is a trusted name in the contract manufacturing services and electronic manufacturing services (EMS) industry. Our EMS solutions help manufacturers quickly prepare quotes, automate clearing material bills, overhead costs, work orders, order returns and more. Our products also help in managing customers, stencil management and process changes. In addition, you also get all the essential information on your unique dashboard along with MIS reports that help with market trend analysis.

Health & Wellness Industry

Software solutions to meet the health & wellness industry demands
We work with various health & wellness companies to design and develop healthcare solutions that connect patients with the right doctors. The software offers essential features such as Doctor-Patient interaction history, follow-up history, auto-dial, text notification, email notification and more. We also excel at building software that allows virtual and video consultation, medicine prescriptions and online payment gateway integration. Needless to say, all our health & wellness products are HIPAA compliant.

IoT- Home automation and security

Putting the smart in smart home devices
As experts in building IoT products, we provide your custom web & mobile application to manage and control IoT devices for homes and security. Our talented developers can help you create various IoT solutions, including IoT-enabled door locks, garage door openers, remote controls and more. In addition, we also provide Wireless Sensor Networks, including enclosure access, process monitoring and adhere to all government compliances. Most importantly, we understand the importance of security and access control for company and home IoT devices; thus, all our IoT products come with options for access to a group of users, individual users, time-based access and more.

Multi-Level Marketing Industry

Custom MLM Software to grow 10x faster with intelligent automation
The MLM, or multi-level marketing business model is the one where non-employee agents are paid to promote and distribute a company’s products and services. Representatives are considered “owners” of their businesses and are autonomous or associates. MLM software is the cornerstone of Direct Selling companies’ and is used to operate their businesses. We at Triveni create MLM software tailored to the MLM business model with features including commissions engine, genealogy, corporate back office, e-commerce browsing, representative portal, reporting, mirrored websites, and a branded smartphone app.

Diamonds Industry

Manage A to Z of your diamond business
As patrons of the Diamond industry with over 12 years of experience, we have worked with some big names in the industry, and our core team has worked with almost all of the DTC Sighthoder companies in Surat. We pride ourselves in providing bespoke solutions to manage everything, including inventory Management, rough Diamond Procurement, Assortment, Trading, diamond planning, lotting, packeting diamond tracking across the life cycle, diamond manufacturing, polishing, diamond quality checks and more. As a part of the manufacturing process, we also help businesses compare diamond projections based on color, shape, size and purity), analyze current market trends for demand and pricing. Other services include manufacturing workflow management, labor management, machine maintenance, and help with business tools such as business analytical tools, mobile apps, interactive software dashboards and multiple reports.

Jewelry Manufacturing Industry

Comprehensive solutions for jewelry manufacturers
Our company provides end-to-end services to B2B as well as B2C jewelry manufacturers globally. The in-depth features of our jewelry manufacturing solutions include the management of the complete manufacturing process right from the bag-based transactions, which are either a Barcode or RFID, production orders, bag generation, bag movement between departments, transfer and conversion of raw Material, final quality checks and bag finalization. Apart from manufacturing management, our business solutions for the jewelry industry include production planning, labor management, contract management, R&D for production management, stock management, the dismantling of the jewelry and generating production, and most importantly, production, management, and evaluation reports.

Sports and Gaming Industry

Your sports and gaming technology partner with an eye for the future
The best sports and gaming strategy tools will assist you with the most challenging aspects of managing a sports team. It automates most of a sports team’s organizational tasks, running them in the background like clockwork as you concentrate on what matters most: the players and the game. Our sports management platform has an “all-in-one” management dashboard that combines the administrative and engagement responsibilities of running a sports team or league. Our best sports management tools include a mobile app platform where amateurs can book professionals for coaching, training for various sports. In the industry, we shine in building web-based games, including Draw21, Spades, Solitaire, Go Fish, Hearts, Deuces, Yahtzee and betting apps.
Cross platform mobile app development

Accounts and Finance Industry

Modern finance and accounting tools that grow the business and fit customer needs
Combining our industry and financial management expertise with digital solutions, we build robust finance and accounting application to boost business resilience. Using our tools, you can easily manage business invoicing, inventory, expenses, banking, sales and purchase orders, taxes (GST compliant), audit trails, accept online payments, vendor management, assets, and AMC management, and so much more.
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