Development Methodology

Scrum Development Methodology

Every one of our teams is headed by a seasoned Scrum Master who ensures that every project follows the SCRUM values.
Scrum Development Methodology can be used in a wide range of development projects. We use this development method for businesses where the needs are rapidly evolving, and quick improvements are readily adhered to. Brief preparations, meetings, and a final analysis are all part of the Scrum software development model. This approach, which makes a series of iterations in one go, enables us to speed up the production of your software. It’s an excellent approach because it can quickly get even the slowest-moving initiatives back on track.

Agile Development Methodology

We guarantee early and consistent distribution of flawless software by adhering to the Agile Manifesto.
Agile is our go-to methodology, especially for a service-oriented development project, as a more disciplined software development approach. This is a software creation approach that uses a single conceptual framework to tackle various software engineering projects leaving room for iterations and enhancements throughout the project. We use it for projects where the features are not finalized and when client feedback is required at every step of the development. We quickly test and move into the final result with minor subtle improvements while maintaining the flexibility of changing circumstances.

DevOps Development Methodology

Delivering products more reliably and continuously with minimal interruption to current infrastructures.
Triveni provides a world-class DevOps development process that automates the workflow of a dynamic development process to increase product quality. We aim to improve the efficiency of software development services by facilitating collaboration between the software development team and the operating team using DevOps. This development process is critical in overcoming connectivity and coordination gaps between the various stages of the software development life cycle.
We set out to provide result-driven DevOps product development at Triveni to create fast and transparent product development cycles with lower maintenance costs.

Lean Development Methodology

Lean is the way to go when you need to reflect on the value of the software and get it done quickly.
One of the best development methodologies for manufacturing companies, with Lean Development Methodology, focuses on creating a solution that can be changed quickly and easily. This approach to software development is more holistic than any other agile philosophy. By applying the lean method to your software development project, we can develop the software in a third of the time, at a third of the cost, and with a fraction of the necessary workflow.

Prototype Development Methodology

Visualize how the product would function before investing in a full-fledged version, ensuring consistent outcomes.
We work with the Prototype Methodology when there’s a need to create a sample product for you before the actual development begins. This helps you see the product’s features and capabilities and make some possible changes before starting the actual software development. The best aspect of this software development approach is that it anticipates and resolves a wide range of problems, saving time, money, and effort and resulting in a faster market launch.

RAD Development Methodology

Delivering high-quality products in a timely manner, this approach is enhanced by active feedback in the implementation process.
Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) approach is a powerful tool that allows us to create software even faster and with better quality than most software development methods. It is designed in such a manner that it can efficiently maximize the benefits of software creation. Our key goal is to speed up the whole app development process while still taking and applying regular client feedback in the process.
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