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For businesses in search of streamlined task and project management, TYT – Track Your Task App proves indispensable. It caters to Super Admins overseeing projects, Admins coordinating tasks, TLs managing teams, and Clients tracking project progress.

Offering a customized solution, TYT facilitates user-friendly login, intuitive task creation, detailed project views, and insightful notifications. Acting as a seamless bridge between physical and digital business realms, TYT enhances collaboration, boosts productivity, and keeps projects on track. Explore the ultimate free QR code generator and project management companion in TYT.

Enhance Task Collaboration:
TYT's Unified Solution for Clients and Service Providers

Optimize workflow with TYT – Track Your Task, a seamless solution for collaboration. Tailored for businesses, TYT simplifies authentication, dynamic dashboards, and streamlined task tracking. Addressing project fragmentation, TYT enables effortless task management and effective communication. With detailed insights and role-specific views, TYT is crucial for intuitive, centralized, and secure solutions, propelling your business into a new era of productivity.

Seamless login with email and password, enhanced by secure email verification and OTP password recovery. Simplify user authentication for heightened security and convenience.

Optimize project collaboration with TYT – Track Your Task. Tailored for Super Admin, Admin, TL, Staff, and Client roles, it offers intuitive project filtering and exclusive comprehensive views for Super Admin and Admin.

Effortlessly navigate tasks, create and customize columns, and gain detailed insights for optimized project management. Enjoy interactive features and role-specific task control, enhancing productivity for Super Admins, Admins, TLs, and Clients.

Optimize project communication with centralized and categorically organized notifications—daily, weekly, monthly. Streamline your workflow with TYT – Track Your Task.

Effortlessly manage user profiles, govern client and service provider companies, and streamline project management with TYT. Enhance security with easy password modification options.

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These functionalities empower efficient task and project management, ensuring a seamless experience for users with diverse roles and responsibilities.

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We built a time tracking software to streamline payroll and send accurate invoices.
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We built this e-commerce portal for supplements focusing with multilevel marketing fundamentals.

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We built the software that bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals

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With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we have built a large clientele across the world and over ten diverse industry verticals. Thanks to our domain expertise and technical mastery, we have projected stellar results in providing some of the most innovative and cutting-edge digital solutions to our customers. We will continue to do so for any company that wishes to work with us. With Triveni, top-notch consultancy and complete transparency is guaranteed with every project.

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