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The Internet of Things is a fast-moving industry that provides companies with limitless opportunities to increase productivity, visibility, efficiency, and agility. However, the implementation of IoT systems often necessitates resolving several architectural and technological issues, including accessibility, data protection, scalability, and stability. To overcome these problems and develop custom IoT product solutions that meet high industry demands and remain essential over time, we focus on our comprehensive 10+ years of experience and in-depth knowledge of business and technologies. We include a wide variety of IoT product development services, including middleware innovation and IoT data pipeline architecture and developing attractive and functional web and smartphone apps for connected device users.

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Our external firmware team works with us to develop a sophisticated firmware that puts your hardware ability to good use. Our firmware for embedded systems is built so that they seamlessly incorporate smart devices and infrastructures that promote exceptional connectivity, collect sensor data, and take appropriate actions.

From the smooth configuration of IoT devices in different environments and onsite IoT device management, we handle it effortlessly and display all the data in the most detailed and responsive Dashboards using efficient Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

At Triveni, we create some simple but efficient native and cross-platform smartphone apps that give users access to all connected devices while still acting as a remote control. We deliver mobile applications that display all sensor and system data in easy-to-understand dashboards and enable users to exchange reports between platforms.

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We built a Quoting & Supply Chain Software Used by 150+ EMS Companies Globally
SQL Server


We built a health platform connecting individuals with practitioners globally, fostering holistic wellness.

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We built this to transform client connections, simplifying growth and monetization for influencers or entrepreneurs.

time Tracking Software
SQL Server

Time Clock Go

We built a time tracking software to streamline payroll and send accurate invoices.
SQL Server


We built the software that bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals
SQL Server


We built this e-commerce portal for supplements focusing with multilevel marketing fundamentals.

IoT Product Development Process, that just works!

We recognize that the effectiveness of IoT product development is based on the potential system’s ability to meet your needs. Before we begin development, we indulge in your company’s details, research project specifications and goals, facilities, and the technology you use. We will then choose the technologies, strategies, and digital tools for each component of the new framework based on our technical know-how and extensive experience and understanding.

Research and

Design and




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With more than a decade of experience under our belt, we have built a large clientele across the world and over ten diverse industry verticals. Thanks to our domain expertise and technical mastery, we have projected stellar results in providing some of the most innovative and cutting-edge digital solutions to our customers. We will continue to do so for any company that wishes to work with us. With Triveni, top-notch consultancy and complete transparency is guaranteed with every project.

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